Welcome to Nirvana Nation

Welcome to Nirvana Nation

Hello Nirvana fans.Welcome to our site.

Even though Nirvana doesn't exist for 20 years there are many fans all around the world.

In this site we are going to upload stuff which will be very ineteresting to a fan of Nirvana to read,see and watch.

First of all we will upload things you may not know about them.We will upload some of the Cobain's diares in which he writes about fame,plans for Nirvana and the people who bought and sold his music.We are going to show you a portrait of the most infuential musician of his time.

Also, you can listen to nirvana songs, watch their concerts from 1987 to 1994 and their inetrviews.Photogallery will be available to be shown.

You will be able to see meanings of their lyrics even though it is hard to be explained.

Finally you can see some of the today interviews from the bassist of the band,Krist Novoselic and the drummer,Dave Grohl about Nirvana

Thank you

Nirvana Nation