A fascinating insight into the troubled mind of one of the last deacde's biggest rock stars,which lays bare his rage about the state of the world.

In this category you can read things about Cobain,Novoselic and Grohl which are interesting,funny,selfish and depressing.

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Nirvana Nation


Concept for 'Heart shaped box' video

Kurt Cobain has written in the one of his diares how he wanted and imagined the video of this song which was released in 1993. Old weathered man in...


Kurt Cobain's letter to his father

Kurt's parents divorced when he was 7 years old.This had a negative effect on his personallity.He has said a lot of times that he was feeling ashamed...


Letter to Dave Foster

In this letter Kurt and Krist explain Dave Foster,the second drummer of Nirvana who was fired shortly before the recording sessions for Love Buzz why...