Letter to Dave Foster

Letter to Dave Foster

In this letter Kurt and Krist explain Dave Foster,the second drummer of Nirvana who was fired shortly before the recording sessions for Love Buzz why he can't continue being in the band.


A band needs to practise,in our opinion,at least 5 times a week if the band ever expects to accomplish anything.

We're tired of total uncertainty everytime we play a show,We think...'Are we going to suck'?We have shows and we don't practise!The two main reasons are Chris and his work and you and your location.Chris can eventually alter his work schedule and at least practise every week night.

When we started with you,you claimed that you could make it up 4 times a week and would move up here by July or August and it would be no problem for you.We were very hesitant to ever try this because of our experience with driving back and forth to Aberdeen and we knew it would eventually get on your nerves.

We don't blame you at all for being tired of driving and we realize what a problem and hassle it is to get someone else to drive you up, but even if you could make it up everyday we don't start until 8.30 or 9.00,which is not enough time to even go through the set.We know how long it takes to build a house and you won't move up here as soon as you have claimed,fixing up a race car isn't half as important as getting to practise or recording or touring.

The overall aspect of this situation is nothing more than selfish.Getting a name on a record isn't shit.Anybody can do it.

Instead of lying to you by saying we're breaking up or letting this go any further we have to admit that we've got another drummer.His name is Chad,he can make it to practise everyday.Most importantly we can relate to him.Let's face it,you are from a totally different culture.Our hobbies and interests are different.We have really appreciated your loyalty and dedicated attempt at keeping this band alive.You're a great drummer and we hope you pursue another band very soon.We expect you to be totally pissed of and hate us and we don't blame you.This is not your fault.It's ours.We should have known that it wouldn't work.And we feel really shitty that we don't have the guts to tell you in person.And if you wouldn't mind we would like to suggest to other bands looking for drummers to check you out because your talent shouldn't go waste.

Sorry Kurt, Chris