Concept for 'Heart shaped box' video

Concept for 'Heart shaped box' video

Kurt Cobain has written in the one of his diares how he wanted and imagined the video of this song which was released in 1993.

Old weathered man in hospital bed with a rubber fetus in his IV Bottle,Chris Dave and I sitting at the foot of the bed,impatiently waiting for him to pass away.In the hospital room the curtains are drawn 90% of the way with a blinding white light shooting through the curtains.Lots of flowers in the room and Kurdt hold an old pocket watch dangling back and forth indificating that time is running out.

4 year old aryan girl with bright blonde hair with vivid blue eyes.In a klu klux klan robe on sitting in a small shack.The walls of the shack is covered with lillies with stems cut off and the butt end of the flowers and glued everywhere on the walls.Each flower has a bright light alluminating from behind them.Another shot of the little girl holding hands with an elder,he holds her hand as if she could never escape.Close up of red ink or blood soaking into white fabric then a gust of wind blows her lekk hat off,the camera follows it blowing above a field of poppies,eventually the hat turns into a butterfly net and chases butterflies through out the field.Then,it falls into a small pool of black tar.Another close up of black ink-goo soaks into the white fabric after the hat is completely black it appears to be a black hat and blows away with a gust of wind.

Old wheathered interesting looking man on across with black crows on his arms,pecking at his face.