8 things that would have happened if Kurt Cobain hadn't commit suicide

8 things that would have happened if Kurt Cobain hadn't commit suicide

Here is a list of the ten things that we believe that would have happened if at 5 April of 1994 Cobain hadn't end his own life.


1.Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love would have divorced before 1997.

It is believed that their marriage was fragile.Even though they loved each other,their addiction to heroin and some other personally problems would have ended their marriage.


2.A music video of 'Rape me' would exist.

There are some notes of Cobain's plans about this music video.Some people say that this music video would have been performed in mids' of 1994.


3.Kurt Cobain would probably have died from heroin overdose.

His addiction was very strong.It is said that the last months of his life, he was spending 100$ a day to buy heroin.


4.Dave Grohl would have founded 'Foo Fighters' after 2000's

Nirvana was broken up due to Cobain's death.'Foo Fighters' was founded after Nirvana's break up.


5.Nirvana's fourth studium album would be more acoustically.

After the Unplugged in New York Nirvana wanted to move away from hard grunge and go into a more relaxing music type.Also Nirvana and REM were planning to pull together the new album.


6.Pat Smear,the guitarist from live shows from 1993 to 1994, would have been a member of Nirvana.

Music sound at live concerts were much greater with Smear.Also, he was helping Cobain very much.


7.Nirvana would have probably been broken up from 1998 to 2002.

It is known that Nirvana members had been moody at their last apearances.They were arguing a lot of times because of Kurt's drug problems.


8.Nirvana wouldn't be so famous or they would be the best rock band in the world

It is believed that an early death helps very much a star to become even greater.This is why many believe that Nirvana is overated.But, in my opinion they didn't obviate to show their whole talent.I think that they would be some hits which would beyond 'Smells like teen spirit'.